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South Memorial S-042

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in memory of MARK BELL son of

James and Isabella Bell of

Grinton who died February 28th 182(0/6)

Aged 8 years

Isabella Bell mother of the above

Mark Bell who died Decr 18th 1820 Aged 46

also of Mark Bell son of Thomas & Ann Bell

of Grinton who died July 16th 1824 Aged

(2) years

Also of

Ann Bell his mother who died

March 30th 182(7) Aged 22 years

In my youthful prime (hast leapd) the (hours) of time

Suddenly from earth release

And now rejoice to be to an early rest

Caught into eternity

Reverse side:

Erected ___ In memory of James Bell of

Grinton Husband of the before named

Isabella Bell who died on the 15th (2)

Day of September 1828 Aged _9 years

And of James Bell Son of Thomas

and Ann Bell of Reeth who died

on the 30th Day of November 1851 /4

Aged 6 years

BELL, Mark; Isabella; Mark; Thomas & Ann