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Facing west:

Mary wife of Thomas

SPENSLEY ______ Grinton died


Facing east:


to the memory of

Thomas son of John & Ann SPENSLEY

of Reeth who died Dec. 20th 1810

Aged 15 weeks

Also of James their son who died

Decr 2nd 1814 Aged 4 years

Also Dorothy their daughter who died

Dec 5 Aged 1 year

Also of____son name____ who died

_______y 1831 Aged 4(?) years.

Also________their daughter who died

 … … 1833 aged ?

Also …? 2nd dau who d … … 18(1)5 aged … wks

Mary SPENSLEY ; Thomas ;  John ; Ann ; Dorothy ;

{ Jane ; James ; Isabella ; Edward  }

Mary SPENSLEY ; Thomas ;  John ; Ann ; Dorothy ;