Grinton in Swaledale

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The village of Grinton is in Swaledale where the green fertile land of the lower dale starts to change to the more rugged upper dale.

Swaledale is the most northerly main dale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The name Grinton means 'the green pasture' in Old English.

The first known reference to Grinton is in 1086.

It is on the south bank of the River Swale, reputedly the fastest flowing river in England.*1

It was at the first place above Richmond where the river could usually be forded.

This crossing place was vital for the transport of lead by pony from the many mines & mills in Swaledale.

The Mother Church of St Andrew, 'The Cathedral of the Dale' was built at this crossing point.

*1 References vary: fastest flowing or fastest rising or second fastest, but, unhelpfully, without stating whether flowing or rising or which other river is the fastest!

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